Metro Source LA and LA Pride

METRO Source LA is the premier Gay Magazine in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA

In this current bi-monthly print, you’ll find our latest editorial piece with details and personal commentary by Dr. Mohebi himself. So, how does LA Gay Pride tie in?

I, Rey Mendoza, will be working alongside METRO Source Magazine that day, June 20, to promote both METRO Source Magazine, US Hair Restoration and USHR Medical Spa! I’m excited and to show how excited we are about our newest ad, editorial and event date, we’ll be extending a few specials your way when you visit our office. Just mention you were at gay pride ’09 and that you met Rey that Day (rhyme not intentional). I’ll verify your little cameo so don’t try to pull a fast one. Even if I didn’t see you but someone else mentioned it to you, just tell us who it was and if they already came in we’ll still extend our benefits!

This is all limited and exclusive and, trust me, I’ll remember you 🙂 So come to LA Pride, visit METRO Source Mag’s booth and give me a friendly “hello!” Hope to see you guys soon!

Rey Mendoza
Public Relations for:

US Hair Restoration and Medical Spa

16661 Ventura Blvd. #313
Los Angeles, CA 91436 (this is my direct email)
888-302-USHR (8747)

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