Less Than Two Weeks Left!!

Sadly, our rebate special on Restylane and Perlane just ended 3 days ago, and we have already had 3 people come into our office wishing they had seen the special and booked a week earlier!

If you are interested in trying Dysport’s Challenge, taking advantage of Latisse’ Rebate Offer, or just dont want to miss out on the 20% off special on all Medical Spa services (excluding Dysport and Laser), Call Today!

These specials have less than 2 weeks left and the slots available are minimal. This is your last chance to call and book your appointment before the specials are gone and all prices return to normal. We look forward to seeing as many patients as we are able and hope that you are one of those lucky people to make it in. Happy Specials everyone =)

Only Two Weeks Left on Specials!!

Want to see more information about these Specials? Visit our Official Facebook Page to review details and see what others have had to say about these offers.

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