Dysport or BOTOX? Which One’s Better?

Dysport in Los Angeles, Botox in Los Angeles, Encino, CA, LA, Dysport, Botox, Toxin, better, best, worst, treatment, medspaDysport abobotuliniumtoxinA is the newest edition to the wrinkle reducing market in the United States. But almost everyone in the US knows what’s used to reduce wrinkles in Los Angeles: BOTOX. What makes Dysport different from Botox? Is one better than the other?

Dysport was FDA approved for use in the US to treat wrinkles like the frown and crow’s feet. It’s made of the same neuro toxin Botox is made from but produced in the UK. Dysport has been developed since the 90’s  overseas and is now slowly becoming a mainstream product for wrinkle treatment in Los Angeles.

Is Dysport Better Than Botox?

Dysport and Botox are relatively the same based their initial use. Dysport, however, is designed to have fewer proteins around the enzyme and may be a good option for patients whom have developed a form of immunity to Botox injections. Some have also claimed that Dysport has a quicker on-set response but that is still not clinically confirmed. The last remaining factor is COST. Dysport is a little bit cheaper in price than Botox but nothing to extravagant. This, however, may trigger additional price cuts to Botox but that is yet to be determined as well.

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