All-Time Low Prices on Eyebrow Hair Transplants!

Dr. Parsa Mohebi is known for his quality, natural looking hair transplant work through US Hair Restoration. Just as he offers, and is known for his extraordinary scalp hair transplants, he also offers quality full eyebrow hair tranplants at a standard rate of $4000.

For a limited-time only, you can receive the same quality eyebrow hair transplant service with Dr. Mohebi at an extremely reduced rate. The doctor will now be offering his full eyebrow transplant services for ONLY the minimum surgery charge of $2500!!

Call (888)302-8747 today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation with the doctor and confirm your eligibility for the procedure. We look very forward to hearing from you soon, and hope that the continuation of this special will open the doors for many of our patients to have their dream procedure done at a lower rate than ever before.

Want to see more information on this special and what others have had to say? Please visit our Official Hair Transplant Website for additional information on our services, or browse/add yourself to our Facebook to always stay up-to-date on our current specials.

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