Facelift options to help patients gain a more youthful look

Facelift Options to Gain a More Youthful Look

One of the main reasons patients want to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is to gain an appearance that is more youthful and rejuvenated. A facelift is a surgical facial rejuvenation procedure that is performed on patients of all ages to turn back the clock and give the person an appearance that is more youthful and refreshed. Facelift results are natural in appearance so it is not obvious to others that some type of surgery was performed. The best facelift technique for a person depends on the results the patient hopes to achieve as well the age of the person and the current condition of the skin. Check out some of the most popular surgical facelift procedures that provide a more youthful look.

Facelift Procedures Examined

When it comes to gaining a more youthful look to the facial features, there are four types of facelift procedures that are available to patients:

  • Types of Facelift ProceduresFull Facelift – A traditional facelift, which is also known as a rhytidectomy, is performed to enhance the overall appearance of the face, In addition, the facelift can make improvements in the look of the jaw. The plastic surgeon lifts the underlying muscles of the face so it is easier to remove any excess fat and skin. A traditional facelift also tightens the underlying muscles so the patient will have a younger and more refreshed look. A full facelift can address facial issues such as lines around the mouth, lines and wrinkles below the eyes and excess fat and skin that are visible as jowls.
  • Lower Facelift – This is a facelift technique that is primarily focused on lifting the jowls of the patient. The jowls are lifted in order to enhance the contour of the jawline. The plastic surgeon creates an incision that is designed to follow the contour of the ears. The incision is made this way so the muscular layer located under the skin, the SMAS, can be tightened. In addition, the jowls are also lifted off of the jawline. The SMAS is tightened by performing a deep plane facelift that releases four sets of small ligaments. This allows the SMAS and jowls to more easily be lifted while also helping the patient to avoid having a “pulled look” for the final results.
  • Mini Facelift – In a mini facelift, shorter incisions are utilized by the surgeon in order to effectively lift the jowls of the patient. This is an ideal technique for someone that has a smaller amount of excess skin and fat, on the lower third of the face, which needs to be addressed in order to gain a youthful appearance. An incision is made that runs from the bottom of the earlobe to the hairline and then it goes behind the ear. The doctor pulls the tissues in an upward direction and also pulls the tissues outward towards the ears of the patient. Once the SMAS and the skin have been placed in the proper position, they are sutured into place so the doctor can also trim any excess skin that remains after the procedure.
  • Neck Lift – While it seems obvious to say (thanks to the name), this is a procedure that is performed to rejuvenate the look of the neck. A neck lift can be performed at the same time as a Lower Facelift or a Mini Facelift. A neck lift is started by the creation of a small incision under the chin. The skin is then lifted and moved downwards to the lower part of the neck. If there is any extra fat in the area targeted by the surgeon, it is removed before the muscles underneath the neck are sewn together. A neck lift is an ideal treatment to eliminate vertical bands along with eliminating loose skin in order to create a more enhanced and contoured look to the neck.

Ideal Facelift Candidates

When it comes to undergoing any of the facelift techniques listed above, here are some of the factors that go into determining if a person is an ideal candidate:

  • A person, in overall good health, between the ages of 45-70
  • Someone that is experiencing extra fat below the chin or jawline as well as sagging skin
  • A person that has extra skin that is located in the neck area
  • Someone with visible wrinkles and lines located around the mouth and under the eyes

Facelift Results

Patients that undergo any of the facelift techniques discussed in this article can expect to enjoy an improvement in the look of the face and neck. The results will create a tighter and more youthful and rejuvenated look thanks to the elimination of extra fat and skin. The results will usually last anywhere from 10-20 years.

It should be noted that the face continues to age. In addition, the impact of gravity will continue to alter the appearance of the facial area by pulling down on the skin.

Facelift Consultation Appointment – Schedule One for More Information

Patients interested in learning more about a facelift, and which technique is the best option to achieve their desired results, should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor experienced in performing a facelift. The plastic surgeon will examine the condition of the skin of the patient to determine the extent of the results that can be expected by performing a facelift.


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