Steps To Finding A Good Cosmetic Doctor

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Steps To Finding A Good Cosmetic Doctor

Here at US Hair Restoration we have a lot of individuals who come to us with many questions regarding the quality of Dr. Parsa Mohebi’s work and the level of experience and expertise of our office and staff. We gladly welcome all of these questions as we know with confidence we have worked hard to present ourselves with quality and integrity. We feel it is important for all patients, wherever they may go, to have confidence in the medical personel they are depending on for help. Here is a list of questions and qualities we would recomend to our patients when doing their research on us or any medical office they are seeking for help:

1. Physician

If you are considering quality cosmetic surgical enhancements, you want to be careful when deciding who the correct person is to do work on you. In Los Angeles alone there are numerous cosmetic surgeons. These physicians need to have years of rigorous surgical training, not some weekend course, side interest, or internet training video experience.

2. Board Certification

It is critical to know your doctor is authentically “board certified”. To obtain this certification, surgeons are required to endure testing and analysis of their surgical results. Depending on the type of procedure you intend to get, it is important to know which medical board has credibility based on that procedure and stick with the person recognized by that board.

3. Expertise

When consulting with physicians, have a good understanding of their qualifications like how many years they have been in that particular field and the number of procedures they have performed that you are interested in.

4. Methods

Considering your cosmetic ambitions, what options does your physician of choice offer? Are they set on only selling you in one direction (which is much pricier compared to competitors), or have they let you know of the different ways they can help meet your need, only needing your final decision?

5. Personal Connection with Doctor and Team

Having the good doctor-patient relationship with a surgeon is something all patients desire. When you select your surgeon, you’re selecting their office as well. The staff, facility, character and reputation, history, length of time in practice, results and responsibility to quality patient care are important critical points consider.

6. Post Surgical Care

Be clear you know how the practice will communicate with you before and after your surgery, as well as how they will attend to your needs. Are the staff members appropriately licensed and certified? Are they making follow-up calls to confirm appointments in advance? Does the doctor communicate genuine interest and concern in your individual case? These are questions to be asked before during and after any experience receiving surgical care.

7. Doctor Visit Privileges

Does the office offer time to see the physician when needed? Will they treat you as a new comer after your surgery with them, or will they treat you as an honored guest? Be clear to make sure they give you the time of day after surgery and the doctor will be happy to assist when needed.

8. Overall Good Experience

If you walk away from your appointments and procedure(s) satisfied, then you are probably in a good place where you are safe and cared for. This is the most important quality of all because it asks what your intuitive feeling is. If it’s good, then you are probably in the right place!

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