New Eyebrows Give A New Look For 2012 And Beyond!

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February 7, 2012
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New Eyebrows Give A New Look For 2012 And Beyond!

The New Years celebrations have passed! Whatever resolutions which were made, would have lasted to this point if they were truly taken seriously. Some have made resolutions to save money, others to be more healthy, still some want to have a more attractive appearance from New Years forward. At USHRSpa we offer many cosmetic solution to the variety of patients we see each year.

A person’s eyebrows can either compliment or hinder their appearance. If their eyebrows are not well proportioned, or have bald spots from constant plucking, a scar, or other hair loss conditions, an eyebrow transplant is a great option to alter these inconsistencies.

A Person Needing Hair Restoration For Their EyebrowThe popular trend for Eyebrow transplants continues to increase annualy, and Dr. Parsa Mohebi is a key expert in the field of hair restoration and the art and science of eyebrow hair transplants. Each year US Hair Restoration sees a number of satisfied patients who have had their eyebrows altered or eyebrow bald spots filled in with their natural hair. This common procedure can be done in one outpatient surgery and have lifetime results which may bring cosmetic satisfaction.

Call us today for your consultation appointment to see Dr. Mohebi and get more information on your options for an eyebrow hair transplantation at 888.302.8747.

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