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November 20, 2014
December 19, 2014

Thermage for Facial Rejuvenation

We all know it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time. However, thanks to modern medicine, we can at least fake the glow of eternal youth. Signs of aging can be divided into four categories: relax (expression lines on the face), revolumize (the loss of superficial and deep fat pads of face), resurface (imperfections in the upper skin layers), and reposition (gravitational changes that occur in the face). For the first three, there are many simple, non-invasive solutions—expression lines are easily treated with neuromodulators like Botox and Xeomin, fat loss can be fixed with fillers, and laser resurfacing is rapidly increasing in popularity. But what noninvasive options are there for patients whose problems fall in the “reposition” category? Fortunately for those patients, there is thermage for facial rejuvenation.

Thermage is a non-invasive laser which uses radiofrequency to lift and tighten targeted areas and stimulate collagen regeneration. This treatment can be used to prevent sagging or to treat it after it has already affected the face. Thermage is an effective procedure for patients of any age, and is an excellent non-invasive alternative for those patients who are not prepared to go under the knife. It treats symptoms of aging such as redundant facial folds, prominent jowls, and decreased skin laxity. Thermage is a great option patients looking for a non-invasive procedure to lift and tighten areas including the upper eyelids, jawline or neck.  Thermage can help patients achieve a more youthful look with minimal to no complications.

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