Recent Surge of Women Injecting Themselves and Physicians Cutting Corners to Save Money

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February 3, 2010
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Would you ever inject yourself with a needle that you picked up from a stranger? Would you try to avoid spending extra money by attempting to be your own doctor? What about going as far as buying from the black market to evade medical spa prices? As scary as it sounds for someone to say “yes” to any these questions, you may be surprised to hear that there has been a recent surge in women injecting themselves with silicone shots to avoid paying the extra dollar at medical offices. A recent article was published by showing the effects one woman had after trying to self administer cosmetic injectables (this was done in an attempt to fill out her upper lip and decrease the appearance of her acne scars).

It is scary enough to hear that people at home are turning to unsafe matters to save money, but what do we do when our physicians also start trying to cut corners to save money? In another article by, a scam was revealed to show that some doctor’s offices are even going as far as changing labels on injectables to save money on their overhead. While it is great to know that we are catching these physicians, it is also very scary to know that others may be out there doing the same thing to patients without their knowledge.

Dr. Parsa Mohebi aims to open the eyes of his patients by letting them know what the effects can be from trying to take medical procedures into your own hands and what some of these licensed providers are getting away with nowadays. While it may be tempting at times to go with less expensive options to save money, we are here to say that we think your health, safety, and results are more important than saving the extra money. Our office is always running specials and keeping costs of dermal fillers and Botox as low as possible for our patients, so if you are noticing a much smaller price tag for the same product, you may want to ask yourself ”why?” Are the doctors not performing the injectables? Are the prices too good to possibly be true?

Our office does not hope to scare you with these findings, but to truly ask that you do your research prior to allowing a foreign needle to be used on you. Although we agree that the majority of medical clinics have jumped on board with the times, requiring all cosmetic injectables to be performed personally by the doctor, it is still surprising to hear how many patients are being left with horrible effects after treating themselves or being treated by a non-professional. Be sure when booking your next appointment, no matter where you are, to do your research and make sure you are treated by a board certified practitioner like Dr. Mohebi to get the best, most natural-looking results.

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