Protect Your Skin: Avoiding Sun Damage

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June 21, 2012
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July 20, 2012

Protect Your Skin: Avoiding Sun Damage


Protect Your Skin

Public health campaigns targeted at educating on the risks of skin cancer do to sun exposure have limited effectiveness. People living in sunny climates are often more conscientious; but for the many who migrate to the sun the daily habits and knowledge are lacking. Daily skin care to protect us from harmful sunlight is very critical. The good weather is a great time to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. Fresh air and exercise is absolutely healthy, but protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays for both prolonged health and beauty is just as important.

Be Cautious of the Time of Day

In geographical areas where the climate is generally hotter because of more direct sun then the time of day that you spend out in the sun is exceptionally important.



Dr. Michelle K. Nielsen warns that, “Being out in the sun from 11am to 3pm is madness.”

The closer one lives to the equator the greater the levels of UV exposure. People with darker skin are naturally less susceptible and need fewer precautions, but still they must be careful. People native to the environment usually do not need to be quite as careful. Still protection from the sun’s rays reduces the aging of the skin.

Limit Duration of Sun Bathing

The warmth and fun of sun bathing is rejuvenating; but your sunbath is best kept to ten minutes. That’s like grabbing a spot of coffee at your favorite café. Extending bathing beyond ten minutes is risking sun damage.  The shot sunbathe gives us a boost dosing of Vitamin D but more than ten minutes is discouraged even with sun block.  Don’t let the cloudy days fools catch you off guard. The lack of heat will often encourage spending more time in the sun and many times without sun block. We just need to be careful about our exposure to the sun.

Sun Skin Care

Prevention is a pound of cure. Medical doctors often recommend the following for summer skin care tips to protect skin:

  • Avoid the peak sunlight hours of 10 am and 2 pm when possible.
  • Daily use of SPF of 30, a minimum is SPF of 15
  • Utilize sun block all year including cloudy days. Some make foundations contain appropriate sun block
  • When sweating or swimming reapply sun block generously
  • Utilize other forms of protection: wear sunglasses with UV protection, a wide brimmed hat, or an umbrella
  • Wear a cover-up clothing or longer sleeves. For sensitive skins, a light t-shirt or long-sleeve cotton tunic may prevent sunburn.
  • Add sun care accessories such as lip balm with SPF and a hair protecting spray with SPF.
  • Use body lotion or aloe vera gel to moisturize skin after sun exposure.
  • Keep all sun care accessories in a handy purse or beach bag so they are not forgotten.

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