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May 19, 2011
Summer Special on Juvederm and Radiesse is ending soon!!
August 24, 2011

Proportional Face is More Attractive

hairline restoation for facial proportionOne of the goals of cosmetic surgeons is to make a proportional face. That could be achieved through different measures like enhancing some facial features such as lips in people who have them smaller than the optimal size. We can also focus on lowering or at times reshaping a hairline in men with male patterned baldness or female who have genetically high hairline. I recently posted an article on my site US Hair Restoration regarding recreating facial youthfulness by restoring a natural looking hairline. Here some of the points that we mentioned about hair restoration and hairline restoration:

  • Modern day hair transplant is the only natural, permanent and proven treatment option for treatment of hair loss.
  • Many times hair restoration is not done to restore lost hair, but to create facial symmetry and proportion that my never have existed.
  • Rule of thirds could be a guideline in many people as far as what is the perfect location of their hairline to make a proportional frame for their face.
  • Employing a blend of artistry and hair transplant science, the new hairline will mirror the natural growth pattern of the hair, and will act as the perfect top frame to the face.

Hairline is not the only area we can restore to make the face proportional. Facial symmetry could be also achieved by facial augmentation with dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm or facial prosthetic implantation. Those procedures are done to change the shape of face, create more symmetry or to restore the lost volume of the face secondary to aging that can enhance the youthfulness of the face.

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