Medical Spa Treatment Questions

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July 5, 2012
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Medical Spa Treatment Questions

Seek the advice of a professional

The ‘Internet’ provides so many informational resources. More than ever we are inundated with information about cosmetic services and procedures. The challenge becomes knowing what information is accurate; particularly in the face of contradictory information. How a person who may consider a medical spa treatment does has many questions.

For example:

  •  How can I really trust this information?
  • How do you know whether the information is true?
  • How do I determine its relevance to my needs?
  • Is this information being provided by a professional with the appropriate expertise?


USHR Spa accepts calls throughout the day (818-788-8363) answering these questions and more specific questions regarding procedures such as dermafiller injectables and hair restoration. We welcome your call at anytime. Professional advice cannot be substituted with information where the source is unknown.  Articles and blogs on our websites are under review by medical professional and patient advocates to assure that the most accurate information is available for visitors, patients and those considering a cosmetic procedure.

We provide referrals upon request if we think the patient would be better served by a trusted colleague.  The advances in today’s cosmetic procedures provide a wonderful way of maintaining one’s appearance. USHR  Spa is committed to providing premiere spa services.

Over the past several years we have endeavored through our archives to answer many of the general questions and to make our patients better informed for their elective procedural choices. We welcome your visit to the website or your call to our offices at your convenience. A hair restoration surgeon and dermatologist represent the core of our medical team to ensure our patients get safe quality care with optimum results.  All of our cosmetic procedures are performed by a board certified medical doctor.

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