Latisse Rebate Offer

Now, for a limited-time only, all patients who purchase a 30-day supply of Latisse will receive a $20 off rebate! The process for this savings takes no more than 30 seconds online, and instantly allows you to print your rebate offer off the internet and turn it in to your physician (whoever prescribes/gives you the Latisse supplement) or the pharmacy (wherever you fill your Latisse prescriptions). Fill in your name, address and signature on the printed form and that’s all you need to save your $20.

Don’t miss the chance today to get your $20 off rebate offer and get one of the lowest costs on Latisse yet!!

Latisse Rebate Offer

For additional information regarding Latisse and it’s use, please view the Latisse tab at the top of this page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns that you may have via phone (888)302-8747 or e-mail at

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