Injectables for Aging Earlobes

Okay, so maybe they aren’t exactly the first body part we think of when battling signs of aging, but why shouldn’t our ears get equal attention? The earlobes can indicate signs of aging just as readily as our faces and necks can, so why be treated differently?

Due to aggravating elements such as years of sun exposure, heavy earrings, and natural aging, earlobes can be left looking thin, droopy, and even wrinkly. Although there aren’t any anti-aging aging cream specifically designed for earlobes—that we know of—your cosmetic doctor can certainly use the fillers (regularly used for facial lines) to improve their overall appearance.

“If the earlobes are of a generally good size and shape but your earrings are starting to droop, a good option is to use injectable filler such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse or Sculptra to plump them up and add support,” explains Mount Sinai School of Medicine assistant professor and board-certified plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman. He also stated that, “if the earring hole is slightly stretched, this will actually make the hole smaller.”

The recovery period for such a procedure is next to nothing: results are immediate, and you can wear your earrings again immediately.

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