• It’s Official •

It’s New Year’s Day. A new beginning, a new you. I’ve already mentioned the extension of our holiday pricing so I’m just going to briefly remind you… We’ve extended our Holiday Specials till the end of January!

That’s it. I’m done emphasizing on that for now. But what I DO want to do is apologize for not making my blogs comment enable. I completely forgot to check that option. If you have any questions or comments, I do prefer that they be sent to me via email but at least this way I can actively review my blogs (I’ve got a ton of them…) and answer them directly.

Everyone usually has a question or two or 20 about how things are done so I’ll be more than happy to answer these questions for you all. My email can be found under the contacts page and I’ll be sure to make our blogs comment enabled. I hope to hear from everyone soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

– Rey
Public Relations / Admin

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