Hair Transplant Cost


What is the cost of a hair transplant in USHR?  Is there any promotions, recession specials or bail out rates?!

Standby program for hair transplant


Hair Transplant costs have been very reasonable in last few years.  We understand the need to be your best and we understand that the economy is tight.  US Hair Restoration has been offering standby promotions that patients who have flexible schedules can be receive discounts on the standard cost of hair transplant.  We will have our spring promotion in our website soon.  That gives affordable hair restorations for people who can be on a waiting list and receive their procedures when there is an opening on our schedule.

We also offer additional 10% discount on the cost of hair restoration for people who do not use our financing or in case you are qualified for our financing you can get 0% interest for 2 years (OAC) for your hair transplant surgery.

Please call our office and schedule your free consultation to take advantage of our spring standby promotion.

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