Hair Restoration 25% Off Sale Coming To A Close!

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March 7, 2012
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April 3, 2012

Hair Restoration 25% Off Sale Coming To A Close!

Often times patients will explain to us about how they were given a different quote from another hair restoration doctor which is cheaper than the rate at US Hair Restoration. Although we understand the needs of our patients and don’t want them to get ahead of themselves and their current financial situation just to look more attractive, we want them to consider a few questions: Does less expensive equal the same quality? What is the level of expertise of the hair restoration clinic you are considering? Did you personally get a good feeling from the other physicians? Of course we want to have all our patients have a hair transplant procedure with us, but if the answer is yes to all those question, then we will always encourage our patients to go where they feel most comfortable.

Happy US Hair Restoration Patient

At US Hair Restoration, we are constantly seeing patients who suffer from balding and desire a full head of hair. During this difficult economic time there is a need for affordability in all areas of life and we want to offer the best options for patients to move forward with a restored youthful look. For this, we have developed a standby program.The current standby rate will only be available until March 31st which is 25% off the surgery costs. This is a significant discount which often saves patients thousands of dollars. Dr. Parsa Mohebi has a passion for helping individuals reach a place of confidence  through a restored sense of youthfulness. The standby program has made this option possible for many, and the time to take advantage is now!

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