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February 3, 2014
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April 4, 2014

“Hair Now” Iphone App

Hair Now Iphone ApplicationHair Now, an IOS application released in January, allows users to overlay hair samples taken from former hair loss patients onto their self portrait. The application currently supports over 30 hair templates that vary in length, texture, hair class, and color.  You can further customize these hair options in the following screen by adjusting the template so it matches your hairline and by using intuitive touch screen controls to minimize or maximize the hair template so it fits your scalp. Once you are was satisfied, you can save the image to see a before and after picture of yourself with and without the sample hair.  The application will also allow you to share your desired results with a hair transplant doctor.  Doctor Parsa Mohebi, who created this application made sure to emphasize that these potential results were for educational purposes only, and that all patients would need to come in for a physical consultation in order to get a more accurate diagnosis of their hair quality and classification.

Although somewhat limited, Hair Now has exciting implications for the future of diagnostic technology by making it more accessible through mobile devices.  As long as applications like Hair Now are around to leverage the most advanced technology in handheld devices, the more possibilities there will be to use that to achieve results that are more and more realistic.  In order to experience “Hair Now,” you can download it for free through the Apple Store now.

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