Facial Symmetry the Mark of Beauty?

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October 26, 2012
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November 21, 2012

Facial Symmetry the Mark of Beauty?

Anthropological scientist and psychologist have theorized that facial symmetry is inherently associated with a number of traits considered more desirable health and strength, physical beauty and attractiveness.

Facial symmetry is one of a number of traits associated with health, physical attractiveness and beauty of a person or animal. Some researches purport that bilateral symmetry is a sign of biological superiority that makes a person more worthy of mating.

Though a study of photographer Julian Wolkenstein may prove that symmetry is not necessarily more attractive; below is a image study of one of eleven people whose image was digitally made symmetrical for comparison. (See Above)

What may surprise people is that asymmetrical facial anomalies actually begin intrauterine. Embryo’s can manifest these signs during the first trimester of pregnancy.

As a person ages these asymmetrical distortions can advance do to stress this is referred to as fluctuating asymmetry.  Thus a higher degree of symmetry can indicate an individual’s greater coping ability to their environment.  Emphasis on symmetry in cosmetic surgery underscores that at some level of perception human’s relate balance in facial features to a higher level of attractiveness and beauty.

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