DIY Lip Filler – Don’t Do That!

The desire to gain greater volume to the lips is one shared by many and lip fillers are one of the most popular options to achieve this goal. However, there are some patients who either cannot afford to have fillers placed in their lips or they want to try and save money by injecting the fillers on their own. Are DIY lip filler treatments a good idea? Let’s examine why patients should not try this at home.

DIY Lip Filler – Featured in Social Media Videos

Social media diy for lip fillerA look at YouTube and TikTok features multiple videos that show people injecting themselves with hyaluronic acid that they have purchased from an online store. There is a good chance that they bought the product in order to not have to pay the prices they would normally pay at the office of a doctor.

In one clip that has over 30,000 views on TikTok, the person who posted the video shares with those watching it that this is not her first time performing a “DIY” procedure. She also told her viewers that the treatment was “completely safe” and that they should “just go for it” and try the DIY procedure on their own. There is another video with more than 20,000 views that features a woman using a “needle pen” she purchased on Amazon. The pen is designed to help inflate the lips with 3ml of fluid. In the video, she is happy with the final results and also stated that the treatment did not cause her any type of pain.

DIY Lip Filler – Warnings from Doctors

While the idea of being able to inject lip filler at home seems like an awesome idea, there are cosmetic doctors who warn the public that performing the treatment is not that simple. In an interview on a website based in the United Kingdom, cosmetic doctors shared stories of having to correct lips that ended up having a botched look thanks to DIY treatments performed by people without the proper experience and qualifications. There are even some videos that show females using syringes intended to administer insulin as a method of injecting filler into the lips.

One of the reasons that medical professionals do not recommend DIY lip filler is the fact that the lips can be a tricky area to treat. This degree of difficulty means the person might inject too much filler in the lips or the results might not be symmetrical in nature.

DIY Lip Fillers – Not Just for Celebrities

The use of lip fillers seemed to enter the public discussion when celebrities such as the Kardashians and Jenners were spotted at public events with larger and fuller lips. The desire to gain lips like those seen at red carpet events led the public to start having the treatment.

While the placement of lip fillers is safe when it is performed by an experienced and trained medical professional, the growing trend of making “tweakments” to the body has led some women to try and save money when possible. The decision to save money by injecting the filler at home can actually cost the person more money if they need to have corrections to the lips performed by a doctor.

DIY Lip Filler – Can the Brand be Trusted?

When it comes to DIY injections, doctors warn against using a pen designed for insulin use for the injecting of lip fillers. They also warn against the DIY approach for patients of all ages. Unlike the controlled and precise injections made by medical professionals, the DIY approach does not allow for a controlled injection when it comes to the depth of the injection and the placement of the filler. In addition, the conditions at the home of a person are not as hygienic as the office of a doctor.

The lack of a controlled injection method can produce complications such as a lumpy look to the lips, tissue death, the blocking of an artery, asymmetrical results, and even the death of the person.

There is also a potential question over what exactly is being injected into the lips. Even though hyaluronic acid is commonly used by medical professionals to enhance the look and size of the lips, businesses that sell lip filler products online might not get its products from a reputable supplier. When finding a product to purchase online, it is not as simple a process as buying a box that is labeled, “Lip Filler.” Patients need to consider the safety data of the product as well as the results associated with the product, and the reputation of the company.

Patients who want to have a lip filler treatment are advised to have the treatment performed in a professional medical office by an experienced and properly trained doctor. By using the services of a medical professional, the chances of obtaining the results envisioned by the patient are greater than performing the treatment at home.

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