Dermal Fillers for Feet

Five Dermal Fillers Uses That May Surprise You

Dermal fillers are used to treat a variety of issues and can be injected into countless regions of the body. While using injectables to treat fine lines, wrinkles and volume loss on the facial region is common, there are other areas fillers can be used on the body. For instance, did you know dermal fillers can be injected into the neck to replace volume and remove wrinkles? For your “dermal education”, here are five dermal filler uses that may surprise you:

  1. Dermal Fillers for FeetThe Feet

Throw out those old inserts and step into your new feet! Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, can be injected into the balls of your feet to add some cushion. The ball of the foot absorbs daily force with each step and it endures harsh punishment from poor shoe choices. If your feet are sore and could use some extra padding, dermal fillers can pad your step.

  1. The Knees

The knees are constantly being worked with all of their daily motion. This constant motion can cause these areas to age rather quickly. Age, and repetition of motion, causes wrinkles on the knees. Many people choose to have the area around the knees rejuvenated with dermal fillers. Knee rejuvenation with filler, such as Sculptra, can mask the signs of an aging knee and improve the overall look of the legs.

  1. The Earlobes

When will you admit that you would love to have more youthful earlobes? All kidding aside, earlobe rejuvenation is a real desire among some patients. Volume loss occurs everywhere in the body as we age and the earlobes are no exception. Furthermore, the look of the lobes may also have been affected by the weight of heavy accessories and gravity. Dermal fillers can increase the volume of the ear, erase age lines or creases in the lobes, and will not hinder the ability to wear your favorite earrings.

  1. The Chin

What does your chin say about you? Dermal fillers are the new way to add definition or build a stronger looking chin. Some people say that a strong chin can make you appear healthier and smarter. Before people started to use fillers to enhance the chin, the only option was chin implants. However, chin implantation is a surgical procedure that is not very customizable. Implants are more like a one-size-fits-all solution regardless of your ethnicity or profile. Dermal fillers used as chin augmentation is non-surgical and can be customized to alter the shape of your face and your profile.

  1. The Hands

The hands tell a lot about your age. As the hands lose volume, bones, veins and tendons become more apparent. Radiesse is the most commonly used dermal filler for hand rejuvenation. Radiesse can add volume to thin hands and also hide the veins and tendons while providing youthful looking skin.


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