Celebrity Non-shaved FUE transplant

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January 17, 2013
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February 19, 2013

Celebrity Non-shaved FUE transplant

Non Invasive Hair Transplant for Professionals

US Hair Restoration medical director, Parsa Mohebi, MD has developed an innovative process to transform celebrities hairlines without interruption of their busy public schedules. The idea behind Celebrity Non-shaved FUE hair transplants is to almost seamlessly restore the patient’s hair with several short outpatient procedures that have little to no downtime.  Utilizing the advances in follicular unit extraction Dr. Mohebi recognized that with surgical skill and artistic ability small numbers of follicular units (donor hair from the patient’s permanent zone at the back and sides of the head) could be harvested and placed in the patient’s balding areas.  These very non invasive procedures would allow busy professionals and those with public appearance as a premium to combat their hair loss without scrutiny.

Celbrity Hair Restoration helps extend their youthful appearance - Actor, Mel GibsonCelebrity Non-shaved FUE Transplant involves having the follicular units to be removed individually. There is not surgical incision for removal of a strip of scalp and therefore no wound, stitches or eventual scar from healing.  Unlike other FUE transplants there not a need to shave the entire back or the thinning area of head. This 3 -4 hour outpatient procedure allows a man or woman to maintain  their hairstyle with no obvious signs of a surgery.

This gradual process of restoring your hair provides an undetectable transformation that meets the needs of celebrities, professionals and other individuals to whom public image is very important.  Patients who elect Celebrity Non-shaved FUE transplant enjoy the benefit of minimal interruption to their eventful lives and a drastic change in their appearance.  Each person may need to repeat this procedure a few times based on the extent of the balding area or the desired density.

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