Carboxytherapy, discovered back in the 1930s, is the perfect way to get rid of unnecessary body fat and cellulite. It is also useful for those who have aging skin and dark under eye circles. This method of therapy is non-surgical; the doctor doing the procedure will administer the carbon dioxide gas by a single injection under the skin, which improves the skin’s appearance by breaking down the fat deposits and improving the local tissue metabolism.

Carboxytherapy works in a very interesting way. The carbon dioxide that is injected into the area of the patient’s body allows for an increase of oxygen flow. Only certain areas of the body can be treated with carboxytherapy:  the face, arms, neck, eyelids, buttocks, legs, and stomach.

Stretch marks are treated by this method because carbon dioxide helps the formation of new collagen, which thickens skin and helps improve the appearance of the stretch marks. With cellulite, the carbon dioxide gas eliminates the fat cells causing the unwanted puckering. Treatments last about 30 minutes long. Overall, to reach your desired results, you may need to have approximately 6-12 treatments. There have been no known side effects due to this treatment.

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