BOTOX Used for Hair Transplant Scar Revision

A patient from a different hair transplant clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada emailed our Hair Restoration Clinic of Orange County, CA in regards to BOTOX injection.  “…I experienced a very wide scar. I researched about using Botox to lessen the width.”  BOTOX injection has been recently introduced and researched in hair transplant surgery for scar revision.  He was curious to know the units of BOTOX injection needed, where it would be applied and its effects on the scar itself.

This technique was researched to prevent stretching of the scar after hair transplant.  Because the research has only been done a small group of patients, there is little information and evidence to go by.  On the subjects tested, BOTOX injection is applied on side of the donor scar area and compared to the untreated side when they returned for their post hair transplant follow up.  In a recent blog titled “Botox Can Reduce Widening of Hair Transplant Scars” found on the US Hair Restoration Blog, BOTOX helps minimize tension present around the edges of the wound and helps collagen mature and the scar wound to form completely.

Because the number of treated patients is limited, there is no conclusive standard means of application or a specified amount of units to be used for this procedure.  Also the duration between treatments is still undetermined but is best to treat BOTOX injection as you would with any other form of application (within a 4 month period).  We also recommend not applying BOTOX injection within the first week of surgery due to the acute inflammatory reaction caused by the surgery.  As to the amount of BOTOX injection applied, that should stay within the scope of practice of the individual surgeon.  This may also vary based on the length and size of the hair transplant scar itself.

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