Botox Side Effects

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April 15, 2011
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Botox Side Effects

Botox is overall a very safe medication but like any other medications may have some side effects that all consumer need to know about.
The most common  side effect of Botox is bruising after injections that may last a few hours and occasionally up to a few days.  It is more common if patient has been on Aspirin or Aspirin-like medications.

Other than mild systemic side effects of the medications the effect of Botox on the other muscle groups in the face could be a problem when it causes.  Here is a list of the problems that may be seen with Botox injections:

In studies of Botox for cosmetic use (to improve the appearance of lines between the eyebrows), common side effects included:

•    Droopy eyelids that may be seen in up to 3 percent of people
•    Nausea in up to 3 percent
•    Muscle weakness in up to 2 percent
•    Facial pain in up to 2 percent
In studies of Botox for treating medical conditions rather than for cosmetic purposes, the following common Botox side effects were reported:
•    Droopy eyelids that may be seen in up to 20.8 percent of people
•    Difficulty swallowing in up to 19 percent
•    Vertical misalignment of the eye like eye vertical deviation in up to 16.9 percent
•    Upper respiratory infection like common cold up to 12 percent
•    Neck pain in up to 11 percent
•    Headache in about 11 percent

Other common side effects (occurring in 2 to 10 percent of people) included:
•    Cough
•    Back pain
•    Runny or stuffy nose
•    Dizziness
•    Soreness at the injection site
•    Weakness
•    Dry mouth
•    Drowsiness
•    Bleeding at the injection site
•    Infection
•    Sore throat
•    Anxiety
•    Bronchitis
•    High blood pressure (hypertension)
•    Nausea
•    Fatigue
I recommend that you consult your cosmetic doctor if you notice any of the following side effects of Botox as soon as possible.

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