ATX-101 Injectable to Remove Fat

A company called Kythera Biopharmaceuticals has received a unanimous vote, from the Food and Drug Administration, of recommendation for approving the company’s injectable drug, known as ATX-101, to treat problem areas like the dreaded double chin. This area is generally known as adult submental fat. ATX-101 a version of a pure, non-animal derived deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally produced substance in the body that aids in breaking down fat.

The drug would be a great alternative to the surgical solution to double chins, which is liposuction. This would be a first of its kind in a new product category that allows the appearance of adult submental fat to dissolve and counter act the appearance of being heavier and older.

To fund the 19 clinical studies that helped development and commercialize the new drug Kythera Biopharmaceuticals offered up 125 million dollars’ worth of stock. Stock in the company had halted at just over $51 until after the FDA, where it then surged 67%.

The Calabasas, California based company also has pending administrative approvals in Australia, Canada and Switzerland. Kythera also has high hopes for some other pending products that aid in weight loss and cosmetic surgery in the form of non-surgical solutions. The medical and business world alike are waiting and chomping at the bit to learn of the implications of the ATX-101.

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