I recently attended a free appointment at a spa near me that offered a ton of different injectables. When I inquired as to which to get, no one working there could not tell me which would be best for me or the dosage needed. This spa offered the option to purchase one full syringe, but they would not recommend one specific brand to me.

Do you know who I can ask for this information? I am honestly not as advanced as a physician is and do not know which would be best to achieve the fullness that I am looking for. Help!


The best option to determine which cosmetic filler would work best for you is to attend a complimentary consultation appointment with a cosmetic physician.

Although many spas and medical clinics throughout the World offer cosmetic injectables, it is important to know which will work best for you. This information is typically best determined through a one-on-one consultation between a qualified physician and yourself.

To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Parsa Mohebi to determine this information please feel free to call 888-302-8747. We look forward to seeing you in office soon!!

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