Questions About Medical Spa Treatments? Ask a Professional!

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June 6, 2009
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June 10, 2009

Questions About Medical Spa Treatments? Ask a Professional!

We know that today in age we have so many sources of information available to us. Most even available 24/7. To me, one question comes to mind: Can I really trust this information? How do you know whether the information is true, relevant, or even provided by a professional?

Experience counts when it comes to the medical field and the services offered. I’m fortunate to work alongside a great hair transplant surgeon whom can answer all my hair transplant questions and them some. Do you have that same option? You might think that you don’t but you do now.

Introducing a website built to answer all your cosmetic surgery and medical spa questions. A site not just tailored to regular people like you and me but created to get feedback and answers from professionals in the medical field. That’s right, your answers are by doctors and estheticians whom are certified and everyday practitioners in their profession.

From breast implants to teeth whitening, you can ask and expect a professional answer along with user created commentaries. Create your profile, upload your picture; start asking the professionals the questions you’ve always wanted answered.

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