Enhance Your Lips This Summer with Restylane or Juvederm

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February 18, 2011
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April 13, 2011

Enhance Your Lips This Summer with Restylane or Juvederm


Hey doc,

I am a Los Angeles cosmetic treatment patient and am looking into getting fuller lips this coming summer. I was wondering if you have any recommendations for the best injectable treatment on the market right now? I have had Botox treatments in the past but I admit that I am at a bit of  loss with the lip filling treatment protocol. Thanks.


Thank you for taking the necessary time to email us regarding your cosmetic questions.

Unfortunately it is impossible to evaluate or determine which cosmetic treatment plan is best for you based on the type of treatment you wish to receive over the internet. We can list the possible options for lip filling treatment in our Los Angeles office, but to distinguish your best option between these choices we recommend attending a free in-office consultation.

Cosmetic treatment consultations are free of charge and allow you to not only determine which cosmetic injectable treatment will likely work best for you, but also how much and how often you need to receive treatments in order to acheive the expectations you have. I hope that this information has helped you and I encourage you to review our webpages on Restylane and Juvederm for more detailed information on the substances. Lip filler treatments can be performed with either Restylane or Juvederm, to determine which will work best for you please call 888-302-8747 to schedule your free consultation today.

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